Interesting way to combat abortion

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Abby Johnson or her facebook page (, the Planned-Parenthood-Director-turned-pro-life-advocate is encouraging prolifers to go en-masse to online forums where women with unplanned or otherwise complicated pregnancies are hanging out and seeking advice, and to encourage them to chose life in a loving way.

My first reaction was, WOW, what a great idea! We should do this on pro-euthanasia forums too!

But then again, her suggestion has been up for a day and already the more pro-choice forums are calling us trolls and posting very clear messages that prolifers are not welcome. (You’d think that if they really were pro-CHOICE they would let women hear both sides so they could make an informed CHOICE).

What do you guys think? Do you think that this sort of thing is a good idea and might save some babies, or are the chances that it will make the pro-lifers look like agenda pushers too high? We’re obviously not welcome…but then again, the pro-aborts don’t exactly welcome our presence on sidewalks outside abortion clinics either.

My opinion is that if it can save lives then it’s worth pursuing. As long as an action is done with love toward mother and child, I could care less what pro-choicers think about what “agenda” we might be pushing. Pray, speak truth, and let the chips fall where they may.:thumbsup:

Where are these forms?

LORD knows there are plenty of trolls on pro-LIFE forums! :rolleyes:…/termination_for_medical_r……/a…/poor_prenatal_diagnosis

Some people say Yahoo answers is also good since its not moderated by prochoice people as strongly.


Why do you care what pro-choicers think? They’re evil.

Don’t have sex. I’m dead serious. It’s the way to prevent pregnancies AND abortions. Such a novel idea.

No, they are not. They may be people who have never given abortion a moment’s thought, or people brain-washed by the culture, or people who have not been exposed to pro-life concepts. There are an amazing amount of people in this country who know only the ideas presented in their own small circle of news outlets, or friends, or political leaders. Masses of people don’t ever read books or magazines.

I used to be pro abortion. I woke up one day after becoming a Christian and realized that abortion was wrong. I remember the moment,. The Holy Spirit can get through to people. Pray that He will act on people’s hearts and minds.


Most of them believe they are doing a great good for women by opening the door to this option and that WE’RE evil for constantly trying to close that door.

I know. I’m pro-choice. A woman has every right to control her own body. She has every right to keep her legs closed. There is her choice.* There* is her body. And it hurts no one.

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