Interesting what we find in our children


Just a little back ground on me. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in the fourth grade. I do things the way I see the easiest, and most efficient. My mom likes to tell people that when I was in grade school the teachers would get mad at me when we had coloring projects like snow men or something of that nature. I would color everything, and leave the snow man blank. After all, snow is white, and the paper is white, logically, the easiest way is to leave it white.

Now for the story. We were getting ready to leave the other day and my wife told my kids to get their jackets on. Well, my 2 year old just wrapped hers around her neck like a scarf. So my wife repeated the order to put her jacket on and she just stood there looking at us and smiling.

I started laughing when I realized what was going on. My wife however did not seem to find the humor in it. I told my wife, you realize she has her jacket on.

Just a chip off the old block I guess. She’s gonna be trouble.


That’s a pretty cool story…You are a understanding Father!!



She’s doing that at two? Yep, you guys are in for it.:smiley:

I thought my “Polar Bear in a Snowstorm” (blank paper) was hilarious. :rotfl: No one seemed to get it. :shrug: I’m still of the mind that the adults around me were a little dull.


Yep the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. My oldest has the same problem. I was never diagnosed with it. I just muddled through. Now that he’s been diagnosed with it, I can see it in me, too. Yep. You are in for it. :wink: But solving problems “other ways” is a trademark of folks that are in demand. So this is a very good thing. :thumbsup:


Ah yes…I can relate. My 7 yo dd is very literal. I am not sure how her brain works, all I know is that it works overtime!! LOL! …sigh…good times!


Awww, thats adorable, I will keep your wife in my prayers, LOL, she’s going to need them. Apparently God is trying to teach her patience. Tell her patience is a virtue. :stuck_out_tongue:
…and Bruised Reed, I loved hearing about your Polar Bear, that is priceless.:smiley:
One of my son’s was considered “gifted”, (he could listen to music, hear the t.v. in the other room, watch people playing outside, know the conversation going on around him and do his homework all at the same time. ) He now works in a place that pays him well to keep things straight. He’s amazing. My favorite story of him was when he was about 3 and was stepping out of the passenger side of the car and screamed and starting crying because he almost stepped into an oil spill on the pavement, I said, “It’s okay, you didn’t step on it.” He said, “I’m so gald Mommy, but isn’t it sad that a “dead rainbow” would be right there?” (In his mind it would have been horrible to step on a dead rainbow, not an oil spill that would have possibly caused him to fall and get all dirty, which is what was going on in my not so gifted mind.)


Could some of us here explain to me what ADD is? To be honest, I am kind lost in this thread. :smiley: :blush:


That would be Attention Deficit Disorder. I have to have 3 things going on to be able to pay attention to one. Those with ADD also think very differently from those without…


Most people have brains where a specific though relates to a finite number of other thoughts usually in neat categories. Those with ADD have brains where a thought relates to a myriad of other thoughts. Hence the ability to think outside the box, sometimes way outside the box. This is good where creativity is needed but can be a detriment in social situations where there are narrow unspoken social norms.
Those with ADD are like a TV with a manual dial spring loaded to a specific station. (My analogy) While it is very difficult to focus on things other that what the mind is driven to focus on, the person can hyper focus on some topics.

I have ADD but was not diagnosed till I was an adult. It is genetic and we can trace it back to my grand father. At least it gave everyone an explanation for some of the things he used to do that drove everyone crazy.

My kids have done some similar outside of the box things and it drives my wife crazy. It gets worse when I have trouble supporting her as I am doing all I can to keep from laughing. To add further fuel to the fire, she gets no sympathy from my parents who also usually see the humor and irony of me having to deal with what they had to deal with.


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