Interfaith Baptism

I have a question. My husband and I are currently looking for a new church. I am Catholic and he is Lutheran. We were married in the Catholic church in our home town. We have a 10 month old daughter. We want to find a church were neither of us are forced to convert or feel unwelcome AND where we can baptize our daughter.

We did discuss this pre marriage and we agreed on raising her Catholic but I grew up in a house were my dad never went with us to church and I really want my husband to be a part of it. He went to a Lutheran Private school his entire life so we both agree that exposure to God is very important.

We have discussed raising her Catholic but also exposing her to the Lutheran faith. We would go with each other (but not receive communion in each others respective churches)

Any ideas would be wonderful!

If your husband goes to Mass with you and your daughter no one is going to force him to do anything. So, you can rest that fear. :slight_smile:

It is important that a child be brought up knowing what it true and that the parents are in agreement about such basic issues. If a child is confused, she may reject faith altogether, which you certainly don’t want.

If you all go to Mass together your husband should feel pretty much at home for the Mass is very similar to the Lutheran service.

seems like you should stick to what you have already decided, namely you will both raise your child Catholic. your husband is certainly welcome at Mass and no one will ever force him to convert. if he’s willing to attend with the family then problem solved! your child is certainly welcomed for baptism…

I had a friend as a youth who had a Catholic dad and Lutheran mom. He was raised Lutheran, apparently by pre-agreement. I know of a couple today -Lutheran dad, Catholic mom - raising their children Catholic, but also active in a Lutheran parish. They also agreed to this in advance, and it has worked very well for them, including the kids.


You are Catholic, it is against the rules here to suggest you go anywhere else

It is my experience that it is better for all involved if all members of the family attend the same church every week, instead of shopping about. Simply put, you and your husband should decide whether you want to go to a Lutheran or a Catholic church and stick to it!

Something I am going through with my wife, as well, who is Catholic. We found out last month we’re expecting our first in May.

This is only my anecdotal experience, of course, so I am not sure how much weight it has. I attend my Lutheran parish on Sunday mornings and she goes, then we both go to her parish for Mass Sunday evenings. Neither of us have been pressured to convert either way. I agreed to raise the children within the structure of the Catholic sacraments (them being valid by Lutheran standards anyway), though I am sure he/she will receive both traditions by osmosis.

If only Catholic Answers Forums were as blissful :stuck_out_tongue:

The present Catholic church is just fine since your husband is already agreeable that your daughter be brought up Catholic. He would be very much welcome, Catholic or not. Besides, if you have been attending that church, you can continue building up your sense of belonging there and interaction with the other parishioners.

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