Interfaith dialogue outcomes !!!

The 4th congress of leaders of world and traditional religions has been held recently in Kazakhstan:

Dialogue after dialogue, photo after photo, press release after press release, but what are the outcomes !!!. Is the person openly allowed to change his/her religion!. Are the Churches allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia?. Is the Bible allowed to pass the customs or still it will be confiscated and end in the shredder machine as shown here!

Judaism and Christianity are from GOD

Islam is the brainchild of SATAN

How could dialogue ever exist between the two?

God wants all his people saved by bringing them to the truth of Christianity

Satan wants to obscure the path to God and be worshipped for he will now never be able to repent

Take a close look around you - We are in the depths of spiritual warfare

God is trying to save souls

Satan is luring in souls through the pleasures of the flesh

The Church does not teach what you are stating Agape.

Hello Sam,

It is a great sadness that we do not seem to warm towards each other, we are all created by the same God, and the same God hears all our prayers; despite our differences.



Its disturbing to be polite.

Why, what should we be doing instead?


I lived in Saudia Arabia some years ago and Bibles are not allowed but they are easy to sneak in. They do not allow churches but those also meet in secret. They are generally tolerant toward foreigners as long as there is nothing in the open. NEVER would they allow a church for their own people. Their religion requires that any Muslim who becomes christian to be KILLED.


Religious freedom is under attack everywhere. Here we can believe whatever we want in private, as long as we don’t let it get in the way of whatever the state proposes to do - essentially the same “bargain” proposed to the early Christians by Rome: worship any god you like, but pay homage to caesar. Physically (for now) we are not threatened or punished, but there are mental bonds which can be impossible to break.

P.S. What is up with the floor in picture number one? Is it my eyes, or does it look like the floor has a mound in it? It is an impressive design, eye-catching.

The Christians are warm toward Muslims but the Muslims are not…

Why, what should we be doing instead?

Maybe by going to the UN to force religious freedom in all countries, and any country which does not comply with that should be isolated…

That was a large meeting table… Some Muslim countries like “biggest”, “tallest”, “largest” principles…(aka., hypocrisy). :wink:

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