Interfaith Service at Ground Zero

I just had to comment on the moving interfaith service going on at Ground Zero with Pope Francis and members of the different faith communities. I hope some here are watching it, or will perhaps see recordings of it later too. The rabbi sounded more Catholic than some Catholics I know, quoting both St. Francis and Pope Francis in his remarks. The whole event is beautiful, so far.

I am hearing this even as I type. You will never guess where .I found it channel surfing. msnbc.

:thumbsup: We can indeed often find good where we might not expect it!

CNN has had blanket coverage since His Holiness arrived here in the US…I wonder how many CAFers have missed out because they can’t take their eyes off FOX news:D

I’ve been listening and watching ewtn’s US live stream this week for Pope and World Meeting of Families coverage.

It’s been excellent.

I can’t wait to see this tonight. I imagine its quite moving. Love for God and respect for others.

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