Interior Locutions


I was wondering if someone could explain more to me about these, A friend of mine started to tell me about a lay apostle called Ann, ( who has been receiving messages from God and writing them down, Ive read some of them and they all seem very sound and in line with the church, but Im struggling with discernment, What are the Catholic churches views on these? Id love any more information / insight about interior locutions, as I only just heard about them for the first time today


These are considered private revelations (if indeed they are valid).You do not have to believe these and indeed you should be cautious about any locutions.

I only had one lucution once, and it was a warning. I didn’t listen to it and disaster ensued. Only after this, and quite a bit of time passed, did I come back to the Church.

I’m sure more people can give you info on locutions. Just be careful, not all are from God.


At the beginning of each of Anne’s books we see her Bishop gives his permission for her to publish each book. If the book contradicted Church teaching or her life was not submissive to the Church’s teachings and a holy one, he couldn’t do this.


That may be true. That’s not the point though, the point is that locutions in general are to be approached cautiously. That’s basically all I’m saying. I dont want the OP to go around saying Catholics believe all locutions when we don’t.

Of course, I didn’t believe mine at first either and look at the situation that got me in. :blush:

God Bless,


No, Snerticus, I was not meaning to contradict you at all.:slight_smile: I know what you were saying and I agree. I wasn’t even thinking of your good post when I said what I said.:thumbsup:


Sorry ready! I have a habit of misinterpreting posts. Not a lot, but enough to get me wondering why sometimes… :blush:


Don’t give it a second thought! That’s o.k.! I’m sure we all do the same thing one time or another.:):thumbsup:


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