International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

I used to donate to them on a regular basis, though at the time I was mixed up in all manner of Protestant heresies. I do want to support them in caring for widows in Israel and in the Diaspora, but I fear the prospect of misrepresenting the Faith. Any advice?

Why would you be misrepresenting the faith? I have never heard of the organization you name. Is it opposed to the Catholic Church in some way?

It’s run by Jews. Rabbi Ekstein ran it until his death this year, and now his daughter runs it. I love the Jews on account of their being the Lord’s brethren and mine, according to the Flesh, but I’m concerned about giving charity which will also be used to support their religious festivals without the Messiah.

This is a question that crops up here at CAF from time to time. Here is an earlier thread where conflicting opinions are expressed. Based on my own experience, I believe the Church raises no objection to celebrating the authentically Jewish festivals, though it frowns on things like the so-called “Christian seder,” which is neither one thing nor the other.

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I don’t see how it could possibly be problematic for Christians to help Jews celebrate a feast that was established by God, even if we believe Christ has fulfilled it.

The only thing that matters is that they are trying to obey God to the best of their abilities. It’s not our place to judge them for not sharing our faith.

Hope that helps

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