International Pizza Consultant Dubs Portland America’s Best Pizza City



Over St. Louis? Noooooooooooooo. Even Obama sent a special 747 to St. Louis to pick one up and take it back to DC for him.




I have lost track of pizza in St. Louis since I have not lived there for some years. But it seemed to me there was no such thing as a “not very good” pizza there. Every one I had there was beyond compare. Well, I’ll make one exception. My wife makes a pizza that’s more like a classic Sicilian pizza with a ton of toppings, a bit of overcooking on the edges of the crust, wonderful crunchy crust and virtually swimming in olive oil.


When are you having us over?



Portland? BLASPHEMY!!!

“And thus, proclaim it throughout the world, that all shall flock to the Second City, which shalt be proclaimed as thy undisputed mother of all pizza. For thus by her crust you shalt know her. Chicago, she shalt be called. All must proclaim to the ends of the Earth, that the finest reside therein.” (Mozz 4:7-8)


I’m going to make myself hungry if I discuss this further.


Last time I was in Portland I had what was dubbed ‘Portlands best pizza’.
It wasn’t that good.


Everyone knows New York has the best pizza.


I’ve heard that before! What do think @inisfallen?


Apparently Detroit is out of the running:




No Peatos here:

@inisfallen can you get this in Brooklyn?

Cheetos to Rival Peatos: Back Off

Provel fake weird cheese-type product still haunts my dreams. No to St. Louis.


Yea, and this guy should never show his face again in the Big Apple. Portland’s pizza better than New York? Get real!


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