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Am I the only one who is disturbed by the frequent world-wide reactions to events which are in fact local incidents, however reprehensible?

Who organises them? How is it possible that all over Europe there are public disruptions of daily life because of a crime committed by a policeman in the US which is a matter for local justice?


Some want to show people around the world are behind them. Others are using the incident in America to point out problems they perceive to be similar in nature in their own countries. Others are virtue signalling. The fact is what happens in America, well, us (non-Americans) can do nothing about it.


Exactly. No one cared when Obama abandoned Bahrain.


I think victim politics is a replacement secular religion of much of the West that is derived from the ‘Equality’ dogma used against western culture by the remnant of socialist activists. It is taught in schools and supported by media. That is why such a large number of people are emotionally driven to rally ‘for justice’ in accordance with that creed no matter how foreign or local in nature is the offense. That President Trump is a high profile western leader not of that religion and can (irrationally) be tied to their outrage is a factor in the induced reaction.

Does anyone think that such a reaction would spring up around the West if it was reported that a Christian was killed in similar circumstances in Minneapolis? And in the last 100 years ‘infinitely’ more people across the globe were killed directly because they were Christian (and continues daily) but they are not given ‘verified victim status’ in the new religion. In fact this new religion has gone out of its way to accuse and teach Christianity (and by extension the West) as the abusers and tyrants. Hence the global protests where secular education and/or media has held sway over much of the population in the preceding decades. There are few, if any popular protests in places where this secular religion has not held sway.

The public religion of our day in the West is not Christianity, it is anti western secular identity politics and i pray the church starts to see that because it is a bad religion and Christianity is a victim of that movement whether it wants to acknowledge it or not.

We only have to look at the irrational protests at the White House. You have a president on the opposite side of politics to the city and state of the police killing. A president who has expressed sympathy with the family and concern at the nature of the death. A president who has publicly promised to use whatever influence he has to give the investigation a top priority. Yet he is being protested as if he were part of this injustice. You also have certain media going to irrational lengths to try and make him the villain so that outrage can be directed at him. This has more to do with a need to cast people in predefined victim and abuser roles as it has with individual specific realities of justice.

I think when we look to global (western secular) protests i think we find it is of a similar irrational and prejudged nature.

I will not respond to activists posting in bad faith.


Media attention mostly, I suppose. The George Fliyd case has got international attention and resonated with people all over the world. I think people elsewhere, like here in the UK, also believe there are issues with the police force and racism.

…which is a matter for local justice?

The trial is maybe a local issue. The bigger question of why this keeps happening seems much broader in scope.

Others are virtue signalling.

@ATraveller There is a strange drive to “be an activist” that is produced by social media. People are encouraged to engage in all kinds of incredibly useless actions to show their support for Floyd’s family. I think a lot of it is used as a way to alleviate some feelings of white guilt. I think there are relevant things that people from other countries can take from the Floyd incident, but I don’t think there is any point to sharing black squares on Instagram or anything.


Agreed. There is a J.G. Ballard novel, I think it’s Millennium People, about a revolutionary protest movement. If I remember right it’s more a symptom of a decaying society leading to an outburst of animalistic violence than a real outrage at anything.


There are seven billion people on the planet, all with a fallen nature. This sort of thing is bound to happen sometimes. Mass protests won’t stop it and may even put bad ideas into people’s heads.

Anybody who lived through the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana can remember mass bogus sentimentality in action.

It’s a wonderful way for people to distract themselves.


The virtue signaling one

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I can see in a few places where that really is the case in Canada. In the bigger cities, they could make a case for alleged racism against people of African heritage but the smaller ones, nope.

Ugh yes! The people’s princess, queen of hearts…

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