Internet dating advice

Hello, I am looking into internet dating and I was wondering if anyone out there has had success? If so, do you have any advice in term of what site to use? Obviously I am looking to meet someone of my same faith.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I would suggest the following three sites:

I would also suggest that you check out the The CatholicMatch Institute for Dating and Marriage –

Plus there is also the National Catholic Singles Conference –

God Bless and God Speed

I met husband here in CAF.

Although I haven’t tried dating sites, I’ve read successful stories about:

I met my husband on Catholic Singles.
I tried Catholic Match and the dynamic there really turned me off.
But, other people love it! :shrug:

If I can ask something as well, for those that met their spouses on CAF, Catholic Match, Ave Maria Singles, etc, did the person you married live near you?

For us, not at all! During our courtship, we lived in different continents. He bought me all the flight tickets since I was a student with zero income at the time. I visited him twice a year for the whole summer and winter break. He visited me twice at the beginning to meet my family before I jumped to this other continent.

Wow! That’s really something! You met on CAF! :smiley:

My husband was in Ireland.

What was it like to change continents? If you don’t mind me asking it as well, what continent and country are you from originally?

In my own words, it felt awesome and adventurous. I was born a US citizen and he is a foreigner (now Permanent Resident ). He was finishing his PhD in the USA when we met in CAF. A bit after being boyfriend and girlfriend, he found work in Asia. Eventually, we married, conceived a baby 4 months later and we moved to the States to give birth and he got a new job.

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for all the suggestions and tips. This is very helpful. I was looking at eHarmony and Match as they have large numbers of users but I’ll now take a look at catholicsingles and catholicmatch as well.

I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on what I decide to go with as well whether I am successful.

Thanks again! Much appreciated! :smiley:

Good luck to you! I tried a couple of sites that were not Catholic in nature and found them to be quite a “meat market”. There were quite a few scammers as well. I would advise people to stay away from Our Time which is meant for those of us who are older than say, 50. I also tried Plenty of Fish which has a huge amount of people but I found very few practicing Catholics. I was on Catholic Match for a long time and did meet a nice man from my area but it didn’t work out. The difficulty with Catholic Match is I am “matched” with men from several states but very few from where I live in Canada.

Thanks so much for additional input. Good luck and god bless!

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