Internet freaks out over Super Bowl Doritos ultrasound ad


Internet freaks out over Super Bowl Doritos ultrasound ad

A Super Bowl Doritos ad featuring a woman who goes into premature labor when the father teases his unborn child with nacho chips has drawn both outrage and applause on social media.

On Super Bowl Sunday – the biggest advertising day of the year in the US – marketing giants pulled out every trick in the trade, enlisting celebrity power to peddle their brands and creating strange and wacky storylines to try and retain viewers’ attention.

But while most ads garnered a chuckle at most, it was a Doritos commercial titled “Ultrasound” that had the internet freaking out, with some viewers calling the ad offensive and inappropriate, and others laughing at the outlandish humor.

I did not see this ad but some from the pro-choice side such as NARAL and some news sources such as the Huffington Post seem to be upset about it. The complaint seemed to be that it humanized a fetus.

It may have even been an award winning ad.


I didn’t see the ad either. Their outrage is hilarious though.


I did see the ad,it was one of the first ones to run!A very clear ultrasound of a baby…well the pro aborts are in a outrage because their lie has been exposed once again,this time seen by millions…awesome!:thumbsup:


I thought that the pro-abortion side had conceded that the fetus was indeed a human, but that it was not a person.


The pro-aborts get upset any time someone accurately reflects the reality of the person who is growing in the womb.

They don’t want mothers recognizing the humanity of their child, because if they do, they won’t want to kill him/her.


I found the ad tasteless–just another entry in Doritos’ string of offensive commercials wherein people or animals behave badly (and especially mock men) to get Doritos. Hardly a victory for the prolife cause.


This ad ,I am betting,was not intended by Doritos to send a pro life message.It just happen that this was a positive consequence for what they,meaning Doritos,intended to be a ridiculous effort to depict men as boneheads!:rolleyes:


I had the opposite reaction. In truth, it never struck me to think about the status of the baby in that ad, whether or not it was a person, because I feel babies in the womb are individual persons. To me it was a hilarious ad that did well for Doritos.

Do not forget that it is a proven fact that babies in the womb respond to all sorts of external stimuli, including the voices of their mother and father, and to music, etc. The commercial simply took that to a funny extreme to show how irresistible Doritos are.

As for NARAL and other groups, they need to get a sense of humor. :slight_smile:


I thought it was an excellent game despite the political nonsense.

Imo its contrary to the actual message these guys are sending on the field.

I also honestly believe they should stop exploiting these guys after a loss like that immediately after a game.


I don’t think they have a sense of humor about babies in the womb. They seem to fail to realize they were once their themselves.


If “humanizing the fetus” is the problem the ad was incorrect right out of the gate when the doctor says, “This is you beautiful baby”. Everybody knows it’s not a baby until it has been found to be free of birth defects and has learned to walk and talk. /sarc

Overall I liked it but the end was creepy.


I thought the ad was loathsome and despicable. The mother was obviously made uncomfortable every time the husband waved the Dorito over her - causing the baby to suddenly move. It was like he was repeatedly torturing her – to say nothing about the ending, which arguably was at best a premature birth, and, one could even hold, a Doritos-caused abortion.


You can see it here:

I thought it was kind of creepy, too, but NARAL’s reaction is, well, unintentionally self-mocking if anything.
Let us not forget, however, the other offensive Doritos ad, the “Feed Your Flock” add that made a mockery of Holy Communion. I believe that one was actually banned, no?


How sad. :frowning:


This I don’t know; but I think Pepsi/Frito Lay is all the same company and so these large multi-national companies often do things that one may agree with or one may not.


Scores of prolife groups are calling for a public boycott of food giant, PepsiCo, due to its partnership with Senomyx, a biotech company that uses aborted fetal cells in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers.

At times, people ask for boycotts, at other times, one may find some positives that these corporations do as well.


The ad had nothing to do with abortion or torture–you go way to far with this, imo. Also, you are conducting way too much over-thinking about this commercial. The baby was clearly well along toward delivery, so even your comment about premature birth is over the top.

Sometimes I wonder how common sense and a sense of humor managed to disappear in this culture.


Based on the doctors words at the beginning of the ad, “any day now” or similar, it sounded like the baby would be born naturally very soon. So I doubt it was meant to depict a premature birth or abortion


We laughed. :D:D (although I thought it bordered on the distasteful)



I thought it was pretty funny. Didn’t really give it any thought as to whether or not it was tasteless.


Me either and I think it was meant to be humor. Nothing more.

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