Another thread inspired me to bring this link. The thread treated the question of copyright and sin and Internet.
Here are some trends:
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In my view, Internet is intended to be free. If someone comes here selling wares, it should protect its goods and not resort to make anybody feel guilty because he took something that was supposed to be free. Or the, keep out of the Place.
For every sold item, there are many free options.
For Microsoft Office we have OpenOffice.
For Microsoft Databases we have sql, for .asp we have .php for Photoshop, Gimp.
Gnu is a free tendency of the market.

Careful, the Moderators will take down your post if you refer to a blog. :blush: In your case it’s a actual blog, in mine, World Net Daily and Infowars were called “blogs”.

I’m a programmer, and my last job was writing software in Microsoft .NET. .NET is basically the disposable camera for photographers if that makes sense. The corporate giants want to keep the users in their boxes, only being able to use their products.

I’m all for using non-“standard” products, I use OpenOffice all the time and can be used seamlessly with Microsoft Office

I dunno, I prefer MS Office to OpenOffice, OO is good and I’ve used it for many years, but I find that MS Word, Excel and Access are vastly superior to the freebies.

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