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hello guys, i have a very important question, that has been on my mind for sometime, i downloaded tons off music, pc games, full blu-rays appz, and even sold some to make some extra cash, something really strange happened about a year ago,i decided to stop downloading the above on the internet and start buying some stuff, i have like like 500 dvd;s and like 5[2TB] hdds that i have lots off full blu-ray movies thats backed up, i have asked god for forgiveness for stealing and selling the stuff, but i have another problem, what should i do with the stuff that is already downloaded?should i get rid off it? my conscience says its stolen and i should get rid of it, but i dont know what i should do, i spent lots off money on empty media and HDDs, to backup all this stuff, i want to know what you guys think about this, as i am sure most people will be maybe in a similar situation, thanks again and godbless.

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:eek: wait, are u saying that downloading music from Ares (file sharing) is a sin? just because the law says so? I’m ignorant of this topic. If someone can explain to me if this is a sin, please help me understand.

Degauss… It’s ill gotten goods and you don’t lose anything on the Hard Drives cause you’ll still have them for legit uses.

Congratulations for making the decision to give up on that particular sin! You’re a stronger person then most. I buy all my music / movies, although I still rip backups since I don’t trust the media they come on. I remember the day I purged my drives of the stolen stuff… A huge weight came off my heart with every gig…

(My opinion… your milage may vary…)

God bless

What it be a sin if you wrote a killer app and I got hold of the source code and sold it and didn’t give you a penny or it?

Many people have a problem seeing the sin on this until it’s turned around and they are they ones losing out on the fruits of their labors.

Pray on it…

I don’t mean to say this in a judgemental sort of tone as I myself have pirated music and tend to buy movies/video games/etc. But just as I have really started to slowly feel lately (as I am only 23). Do you really “need” any of it? Why not use that money supply to buy homeless people food or blankets or something? I’m not saying everything you earn has to be given away. But here in america and many parts of the world, we are enslaved by the media and movies and music and video games and are bombarded with advertisements constantly. Buy this product, buy that product. Children watch tv growing up and through the commercials they see and the shows/movies they watch they learn that they have to be “a certain way”. They have to strive for physical beauty above all else. There is nothing inherently evil about a video game or a movie in and of itself. But they serve as distractions. Distractions that nowadays have become very dangerous as they are degrading and desensitizing our society and separating us from Christ. Just something I’ve started to take into consideration lately. I have a lot of stuff I really don’t need. And now I feel greedy u_u lol but that’s just me

“Thou shalt not steal.” GOD says so.

I’m in the same situation, I have tons of music, movies, and eBooks, most of which I didn’t pay for. I confessed my sin of theft and was absolved. I’m hoping that just destroying these files, or in some cases buying a copy of the media, will be restitution enouigh. The disposition of your files is is probably something you should talk to your priest about. If nothing else make sure you make your confession.



I have confessed before and I didn’t mention that I stole! because I didn’t know that downloading music for free was a sin. A SIN! ****, I feel horrible.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you didn’t know, you didn’t know. But now you know. So now you can move forward. :thumbsup:

Sometimes, artists or redord labels (or Amazon) do make songs available for free download. That would not be sinful because the rights holder has given permission for that to be done. We’re only talking about illegal downloads.

first off, i would like to thank everyone here for different opinions,at this point as i said before, i am not sure if i should destroy everything that i have, i am thinking i should because its basically stolen stuff in my house, my friend told me that the first step that i took to stop downloading and selling was a big step, and he thinks that i should just keep what i already have, because he says all the money spent on empty disc, which is like 500+ would be also a sin to waste money, so iam abit confused what to do, i have like 200 bluray movies that i downloaded to watch, and dont evencare to watch them, i am also thinking if i should buy these sane movies legit or just watch them and delete them after, HELP!!! i am confused :slight_smile:

My advice, take the lose… trash it all… Break the cd’s so no one else uses them, wipe the hard drives and you’ll have plenty of free hard drive space for a while… You’ll feel great… Trust me

Of course, talking to a priest in Confession would probably be the best place to get advice.

I think that, not only keeping the movies, but burning them to a disc is not acceptable under the premise that to not do so would be to “waste money”. The money has already been spent. I don’t think having some extra blank discs on hand is a “waste”. Filling those discs will illegally obtained data would be the waste. Could you honestly sit through and enjoy those movies knowing where they came from?

If it were me, I would delete all the questionable files, throw out any hard copies I had made, and move on with my life. You do not have to go out and purchase a copy of every single movie you downloaded. Just get rid of the stuff you have and be done with it.

Wouldn’t signing up for Netflix be cheaper (not to mention less time consuming) than buying all those blank discs and downloading movies online? :shrug: I don’t even do Netflix, I just sign up for movies at my library. I have to wait for everything, but I eventually get any movie or TV show I want to watch for free in a perfectly legal way. Waiting isn’t really that bad. I just don’t spend much time thinking about it, and when it comes in, it’s a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile:

thanks alot for sharing guys, i think i’ll delete them all, godbless everyone for helping, really appreciate it:thumbsup:

You are making the right decison. I would add though that there are many places you can listen to full songs for free by mainstream artists and is perfectly legal :thumbsup::thumbsup: You just can’t put them on your ipod unless you buy the songs.

I once got a legit leaked Script for a famous Hollywood film about 2 years before the film came out… before it even entered production.

I wonder if that was actually stealing?

Nevertheless I boasted about it for years till it came out… after all it was Batman Begins…

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