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I’ve found a wonderful source of good, wholesome, interesting (indeed addictive) TV programs for the internet. Don’t give up on this post until you’ve read all the way through.

The website AZNV.TV has some Korean historical drama programs (subtitled in English) which are absolutely breathtaking. The subtitles are not a problem, really. The scenery, acting, background music, costumes, EVERYTHING is absolutely first rate. Better than the so-called blockbuster movies that Hollywood puts out.

In these shows, having “virtue” is a positive thing. The “sex” scenes consist of man / woman loving each other with their eyes, from 6 feet away. My one caution is that there is some “kung fu” type violence, and flaming arrows (they really like flaming arrows for some reason).

Here are the shows my wife and I have watched (all are recommended). Each of them has between 50 and 100 episodes which follow each other in order.

Jumong - lots of fighting, action, as well as intrigue & the mandatory love story. Takes place about 10BC in Korea. Ironically, my wife likes this the best, although it might be seen more as a “guy” show. I recommended this show already a while ago before it was on the internet. Click HERE.

Yi San - the first 2-3(?) episodes are hard to watch (parts of these episodes involve inducting eunuchs into the king’s palace), but this turns into a great show. There is less violence, and more (everthing else) than Jumong.

Dae Jang Geum - this appears at the beginning to be a show that no one in their right mind could possibly enjoy. But this turned into the best show I’ve ever seen anywhere. A great morality lesson involving very Catholic virtues (although none of the characters were actually christians). It was hard to stop watching this show since all the episodes are there…just waiting.

Note: You will need a high speed internet connection. And I strongly recommend a good sound system. We actually have the computer hooked to a projector, and the quality of sound and picture is better than the movies.

You will also need a software program called winamp. Don’t use the other program which AZNV.TV recommends. If you lose the connection partway through the episode, winamp can be restarted at the middle of the episode - and that’s very handy. Also the sound/music when using winamp is much better.

I also think you need to register at AZNZ.TV but as I recall, you just need to give them an email address (I used my junk mail address). But so far as I know, I’ve never gotten spam from them, or anything for that matter.

If you watch the first episode, and say to yourself…well, NAH! Please try to last through 4-5 episodes. The first episodes are full of background information that seems confusing, but don’t let that deter you. And for Dae Jang Geum the hairstyles and the hats are sort of laughable at first, but you get used to it when the story unfolds.


I’m always looking for less traditional entertainment, and you did a good job of describing the shows, but when I tried to log in it said “To proceed, enter your invitation code. To create an account, you will need an invitation code. Ask a friend to give you one.”

Could you see if you have a few at your disposal and send me a private message here with the code? Thanks!

I didn’t realize that invitations were required. I just checked and it looks like I need to go to the web site and send the invitation directly from there to a real email address. I’ll be glad to send it to you so reply by PM.

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