Interpretation of Bible


Our priests homily this morn stated that we can have our own interpretation of John’s (21:1-19) gospel on the 153 fishes, since we do not know for sure–it could have been the number of the countries, or all types of people or something else.
Anything definite on this?


The Church does not have a definite interpretation on the meaning of the number of fishes. And your priest is correct, you are free to meditate and make interpretations AS LONG AS NONE OF THOSE INTERPRETATIONS CONTRADICT CHURCH DOCTRINE. (The capital letters are because of the extreme importance of that condition, and not because I’m shouting at you. :slight_smile:



What she said. :smiley:


Thanks much & God Bless


Of course, 153 fish could simply mean 153 fish and have no special symbolic meaning at all, since none is given in the gospel.:slight_smile:


Yeah. As Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!”



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