Interpreted lifechanging dream

I had a dream i was on a freefalling rollercoaster and i looked up what falling and rollercoaster meant in dreams. it said i was experiencing erratic behavior and falling meant i was following my will instead God’s will. I changed my ways because i had this dream interpreted online and I’m much happier. But is it still a sin that i had it interpreted? Do I have to confess it?

The Bible frequently tells of interpreting dreams. Joseph in the Old Testament interpreted dreams. Joseph in the New Testament learned through dreams to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife and later to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt. Who interpreted your dream that makes you think you need to confess this? Seeing a fortune teller or asking someone who practices the occult to interpret your dreams would be wrong. When in doubt, you can mention it in confession, but interpreting dreams is not overtly sinful.

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