Interracial Marriage - A Problem?


In my opinion unless the other half is a non-believer/non-catholic and a con this interracial marriage is find.God creates diversity of human races so we are able to learn from each other,respect each other and above all these differences we are able to love each other as well.
I am aware of the story that family members don’t like their kids to get involved with other races,let’s say to marry them while they can see their kids are in love with each other.Either your kids break up the relationship or you won’t be part of the family member anymore.The choice is yours.
Fortunately this interracial marriage is not a big problem nowadays,I think.It is sad if it still is.
My family is ok with my choice as long as I am happy and that all matters:)

Beatus vir qui timet Dominum - Blessed the man who fears God


THis deals with the same thing you’re talking about, but sad to tell you the problem still exists.


I married a Philippine woman, There were cases in the United States in the 1920s when a white person was put in prison for marrying a Philippino. Now those days are over and I haven’t found any problem over this. Her culture has made her very loving and family oriented. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Are there people who don’t like me marrying an Asian woman? Probably there are some few, though I don’t pay much attention about other people’s opinion in such matters generally. So it is no problem with me. I will be retiring and moving to the Philippines in some months. The people there like Americans in general and her family likes me in particular, so there is no problem from the other side either.
Of course cultures can be very different, and a person in such a case ought to consider the differences when getting married, since you ought to be ready to make what adjustments will prove beneficial in your relationship. Even the differences in food that the two of you are accustomed to eat can be important.


In general, I think anybody who dislikes the idea of marriage between two races is just plain prejudiced and the opinion of such a person ought to be discounted.

However differences in culture are another matter. The problem with ‘culture’ is that it covers so many different things. It can deal with anything from food preferences, deference to one’s parents or in-laws, male/female roles, monetary priorities, and general manners. Something that is perfectly acceptable or neutral in one culture might be considered rude or even sinful in another.

If people of different cultures marry then they need to be able to deal with such differences.


Not a problem in my book. See my comment in that other thread.


growing up i’ve only dated and had intrest in white women. it’s not due to racism or anything like that, it’s just what i’ve always felt. i don’t admire nor do i detest people in mixed race relationships.


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