Interreligious Dialogue and the Church


I’m confused about interreligious dialogue because I thought that if we had the truth we should share it and try to convert people - not just talk to them and accept their religions… I’m not trying to be rude or appear ignorant but exactly how does this work. I know that the Church no longer holds the belief that no one outside her can be saved, but still wouldn’t it be better to look out for someone’s immortal soul that just analyse the good in his religion?



Hello Catholig

One thing that comes to my mind is it is hard to share the truth if we are not talking. The point of interreligious dialog to me is… dialog, which is something that hasnt been done in the past to great success.

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Hi Catholig,
I think that your belief about interreligious dialogue is correct. But ther are at least 2 different levels.
On the organizational level it is up to the Pope and the Cardinal and Bishops in Rome to dialogue with the Protestant denominations and try to bring them back to full comminion with the One True Church.
On the personal side it is our responsibility to evangelize those that are not Roman Catholic.
However it is the manner in which we do it that seperates us from our misguided brethern. I do not believe in the guerilla tactics of some of the Protestants. But that we should lead by example: by how we live our lives, how we interact with those around us, that we are not gross hypocrites to our stated beliefs. To my embarrassment I cannot provide the exact sciptual reference, yet as the Apostle says we need to be always ready to explain our faith and beliefs.
All Catholics should have at least a working understanding of the Bible and the Catechism. so that we can indeed answer the questions ( and accusations ) of others and thereby promote the Church our, everyone’s, Lord started.
I do apologise if this reply rambles but as an excuse it is 1:08 am.

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