Intersex People

Intersex People are people who are born with genitals and physical features from both genders, often do to a birth defect. In some cases, such as in Klinefelter’s Syndrome/XXY Syndrome, Intersex People are born with defective sex chromosomes as well.

What is The Church’s stance on these people?

I’m sure that is a very rare condition and has nothing to do with the garbage they are trying to push on our society today as well as the “bathroom” farce!!! God Bless, Memaw

Still it is something to wonder about. For example, to my knowledge, it’s often done that if a baby is born with both genitalias they’ll do surgery to remove one set. And if the child grows up identifying as the gender removed, I’d imagine they have an actual claim to identify as that gender considering they had such genitalia and its potential is realized in their DNA.

The Church can’t possibly take a stand on every piece of scientific inquiry. You won’t find this specific situation addressed.

Is it possible for someone born with both sets of genitals to commit the sin of homosexuality?

Is it a sin in the view of the catholic church to be homosexual?

Having same sex attraction is not a sin. Acting on it is.

There are at least 3 people on this board with that condition. But, yes, it is rare. Having said thar, I would 150% agree with you on many of the members of the “LGBT” community pushing garbage. That’s pretty much obvious. Most of intersexed people I know do not subscribe to that nonsense.

God bless,

A sin is an act.

No one is born with both functioning organs.

Jimmy Akin addressed the question on a recent show this month. Go listen to the archives.

including an internal act…

Thank you all that cleared up whether homosexuality in and of itself was a sin or not in the view of the catholic church.


2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach *Christian perfection. *

the church’s stance is that they are children of God with the same human dignity.

as to specific cases, doctors would examine which organs are functional as well as do DNA tests

Kleinfelder’s syndrome, in regards to scientific consessus, is a condition that affects only males. even if you have extra x chromosomes, you are still a male if you have one y chromosome, it’s as simple as that

The situation is very rare, and people with it are unfairly burdened with the alternate-sexual agenda, which is something entirely different (people with genetically unflawed bodies who **want **to live out another sexuality).

Strictly, it is a biomedical issue and not a Church one. The world is full of birth defects: Siamese twins, extra or missing limbs, microcephaly, etc. Why should sexuality alone be expected to be perfect?

Those having the condition are required to exercise self control in the same manner as everybody else.


I find it a bit disturbing how many people answer with “there aren’t enough of them to care” or “just don’t think about it”. Avoiding a question is not an answer.

Your definition of “homosexuality” might be required before a judgement on sinfulness can be made. Only “human acts” as the church uses that term can be judged as to sinfulness. The experience of same sex attractions is not sinful.

I wouldn’t overreact to that response. Often extreme examples are offered to challenge a principal applied to a different set of circumstances, and so they get a curt response. And sometimes the rare condition is just not sufficiently understood to respond with more insight…

I don’t know if the Church has made any official statements on this probably because it hasn’t been studied enough. I don’t think there is a clear consensus among scientists how to define it. Additionally, as others said, because it is so rare and resources are limited, the Church might not see a great enough need yet to discuss it in detail. Whether a person should be male or female would depend on the specific case. I can’t see gender transitioning being allowed even for intersex people, except at birth where the parents would have to decide which gender to raise their child as. For example, if a person had reproductive organs for both male and female, I don’t think that would give them permission when they turned 18 to, for example, transition from male to female. The Church would expect them to remain with the gender their parents raised them. This would be assuming they were truly intersex. If the parents wrongly raised a girl as a boy, she would definitely be allowed to show her true identity once she found out the truth. I would consider that child abuse by the parents too.

Well that’s actually a big problem, because this decision isn’t always in the best interest of the person.

Often doctors would tell parents to raise their intersex child as a girl simply because an artificial vagina was easier to produce than an artificial penis, so when a child grew up having more in common with a boy (both biologically and personality wise) it would cause problems.

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