Interview with Bishops Bruskewitz & Corrada

A long interview with the Bishops on the present state and future of the TLM. Key quote:

We’re in the middle of the disintegration of the Latin rite. You have drum beating in Africa and you have lots of bowing in Japan. This inculturation is really making a sub-rite division of the Latin rite. For centuries, rite depended primarily on language. You had the Byzantine rite divided into the Serbian, the Russian, and all the different [other languages]. I think the fact we have vernacularized means there is a division. The unification of the Latin rite, if it is going to be maintained as a unit, will probably depend largely on the Tridentine rite, indult-type celebrations.

An absolutely amazing article :thumbsup:

Nice to see Bishop B mention the personal prelature for Traditionalists, ála Opus Dei. An idea whose time has come. We always felt that Vatican II would be a boon for Traditionalists at the end of the day. :wave:

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