Interview with Cardinal-Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, now Pope Francis

I’m not sure if this has been posted on the boards yet. I came across it yesterday and found it very moving and inspiring especially when he talks about prayer and bringing praise into prayer. It was done a few months aback by EWTN with Cardinal-Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, now Pope Francis.


Yes, it was posted, but on the ‘We Have a Pope’ thread. :slight_smile:

I hope everyone reads it in any location because many will be surprised to hear a Traditional Man of God refer Catholics back to classic Catholic spirituality, away from idolizing materialism, toward inner beauty (vs. cosmetics), and toward a life of committed prayer. This was not some radical speaking. He was directing Catholics toward the first call to personal holiness, without which the Church is ‘just a compassionate NGO’ (he said elsewhere).

He spoke about the theological virtues and about the need for adoration and praise in personal prayer. :thumbsup:

You mean he is not an arch liberal who will correct those mean last two reactionary Popes? Shocking.

It is a very thought provoking interview! I was so struck by the reversal of the Biblical story -instead of dogs eating what falls from the table; in the modern world where we spend more on pets than give in charity, the children in poverty eat what is left after we feed our dogs special fancy dog food! (Metaphorically speaking)

Yes that really struck me when he said that Mrs. Sally. I thought to myself, oh my god it’s so true what he’s saying.

Elizabeth502 what really stuck with me was how he spoke about prayer. I don’t know listening to him not just through this video but in the other homilies/speeches etc that he has made I feel as if a veil has been lifted from over my eyes and my ears have been unclogged.

God’s blessings.

Me, too, friend. Prayer is the foundation of our faith, and the way into authentic relationship with Our Lord. Good works are the fruit of prayer (we are taught), and work hand-in-hand with prayer to accomplish transformation of self and others.

Forget the New Evanglization without prayer.

Very true indeed Elizabeth502. Prayer has to be the start everything else comes after prayer because prayer is what gets you closer to God. I see that now. Didn’t before.


Thank you for posting this! Somehow I missed it before. I loved it!

No problem Opus101. I’m glad that you enjoyed it also. It indeed was very moving.


Thanks for posting this interview. I like how he states so simply that if you aren’t worshiping God, you’re still worshiping something, what he does not know!

Yes! Thanks for reminding us. That remark of his was the important summation of that interview!

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