Interview with top abuse investigator of Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis


In light of recent threads (here and here) about the sexual abuse settlement in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, I thought people might be interested in this eye-opening interview with Timothy O’Malley, the former FBI agent selected to head and revamp the archdiocese’s Office of Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment four years ago.

‘This is the most meaningful job I’ve ever had,’ says top cop of Twin Cities archdiocese

There’s a lot of details in here that I’ve never heard before about how accusations were investigated before and how they are now. As a side-note, the interviewer is one of our outspokenly liberal newspaper columnists.

My takeaway from the article:

But I was surprised a bit by what two of the archdiocese’s most outspoken and harshest critics say about O’Malley and the work he and Campion and others have done so far.

“The primary difference between Tim and Mike and all the others I wrestled with at the archdiocese is they ARE NOT clerics,” Bob Schwiderski, a former president of the state chapter of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and a child clergy sex abuse survivor, wrote in an email. “I found O’Malley to be a man of his word, a person I found I could trust.”

And this from St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson, whose crusader-type legal advocacy on behalf of clergy-abuse victims locally and nationally may have played the most significant role in effecting change.

This is the cleanest archdiocese right now in the country,” Anderson told me recently. “I’ve known both O’Malley and Campion and their work and I agree their role in the cleanup so far has been important and significant.”


Thanks for posting. I’m in this archdiocese and closely connected by way of my workplace to some of the clergy whose heads rolled. Glad to see the positive assessment of Hebda.


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