Intimacy Rules After Hysterectomy

Hi All, A Catholic lady here who is searching for correct Roman Catholic teachings/view on intimacy after a hysterectomy. I had to have a hysterectomy due to Dr finding cancer last year. After having a hysterectomy, now that procreation is no longer possible; do the same rules apply for those of us with this situation? 1. Must the marital act have the husband ejaculating inside the wife’s body? 2. Could intimacy time end without intercourse? Like just foreplay (orgasms from just foreplay) & have no intercourse? I learned that the Church teaches that partners may do various actions to bring each other pleasures (before intercourse itself) so long as it ends/includes the marital act (with ejaculation Inside the womans body for the possibility of procreation/being open to life. Ejaculation outside of the woman’s body would be wasting sperm/against life). Thank you in advance!

They aren’t rules, rather they are the moral teaching of the Church— a part of divine revelation.

The same moral principles apply whether conception can occur or not. We are not free to use our sexual faculties in a disordered way.




@1ke - OK, that’s sort of what I thought. But I wasn’t completely sure. Thanks for your insight! & true, tru - moral teachings not rules. But they are sins if one partakes in such acts, correct?

Yes, they are.


It’s best not to use the term ‘wasting sperm’ when trying to explain why certain acts are immoral. You had it right with ‘open to life.’ If wasting sperm were the problem a lot of things (like certain uses of NFP) would become sins.

@Inquiry I appreciate your comment. I re-typed that I don’t know how many times. Trying to find best way possible to say a whole slew of delicate things. If not waste, how would you say it?

The usual wording would be that intentional release outside of the woman is ‘not ordered for procreation’ or contraceptive. Contraceptive literally means counter to conception, and it applies even when conception is impossible.


My take on the subject would be to recognize that God is a God of surprises (just ask Abraham and Sarah). In your case, being open to life means to go ahead and have normal relations, while being ready and willing to accept the result of any surprise that God might throw your way. Yes, even after a hysterectomy.


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