Intimacy within marriage question (that’s probably been answered before)

My wife and I have been married for almost 9 years and we have 5 kids (one of which was adopted late last year). Last year she lost her cousin to ovarian cancer at the age of 37 and that was her second diagnosis. She left a husband and a son behind. This rattled my wife and she decided to get genetically tested to see if she had any of the markers that would indicate for her to get screened on a more frequent basis for certain types of cancer.

The results of the genetic testing found that she had a gene mutation that would guarantee her to get ovarian/breast cancer and showed an elevated risk for pancreatic and skin cancer. She and I, upon consulting with multiple priests on the subject, decided that it would be best for her to have a preventative surgery to remove her ovaries because there is no screening for ovarian cancer and once you are symptomatic it may be too late.

We understand that our decision to have her ovaries removed is in line with Church teaching on the matter but my question is: Is it sinful to continue having sexual relations with my wife even though she cannot conceive? Are sexual acts, that would not be procreative, within our marriage ok considering our circumstance?

Please help, this has yet to be answered by a priest the same way twice. I’ve had conflicting answers and my wife and I love our faith and want to live the full Gospel. Thank you and God Bless.

1 use logic always. Yes, when a part has been removed medically the couple can continue to have relations.
2. Your relations need to be correct and ordered to procreation. Why would you want anything else!?


I am sorry you’ve had conflicting answers from priests. I don’t understand why that would be, as this is not a complicated question. Hoosier-Daddy’s answer is correct.

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I am very sorry to hear that your wife has elevated risks for these types of cancer. M

I’m not sure why, it’s very straightforward.

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Others have already answered your questions.

I will just note to be carrefully when you choose your vocabulary, because many people read this, and can be afraid:

as i undertand no genetical test can pedict for 100% certain a cancer will happened. It is only a statistically inceased possibility.


Absolutely not.

Not sure what you mean by this. Sexual acts that would be sinful such as masturbation or oral sex to completion would still not be allowed. “Normal” sex between you and your wife would still be allowed even if one of you is sterile.

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