What do you think about it? I know that it is licit in the United States, but do you have any personal feelings about receiving Holy Communion in this manner? I don’t think there are many Churches that use this manner, so how common is it in your area?

I’ve received several times by intinction myself, while kneeling, and I find it to be a very reverant way to receive. But I know there are those who do not like this because they can not receive in the hand.

Just wondering your feelings on this.


The last time (and first that I can remember:o ) that I did receive by intinction was during Thanksgiving when I went for Mass to a small parish in Galveston, TX.

I like intinction for several reasons. 1. It eliminates extraordinary ministers. 2. Eliminates the common cup while still providing the fullness of the sacramental sign by offering both species. 3. It also is symbolic of the Resurrection. The Eucharist we receive is the glorified body of Christ. The bread and wine are offered separately to become the Body and Blood because when separate they are a sign of our Lord’s death. I think intinction, by joining the Body with the Blood, is a perfect sign of Christ’s resurrection.

Why don’t more parishes use this method then? It does reduce the need for EME’s, and just logistically speaking seems easier to do. Is it considered too “Eastern” perhaps?

Also, what are the specific instructions in the GIRM for this that are mentioned in the Wikipedia link above?


I know that Karl Keating has said that the CAF masses use intiction, so I don’t think it is ‘too Eastern’, but you will find that many parishes view with suspicion attempts to change their liturgical practices which have been the same for many years.

While intiction is a very reverent way to receive, it should be made clear that ‘the fulness of the sacrament’ is in the Body or Blood of Christ alone *(normally just the Body- communion under the form of bread). *

Intinction is also common in the Episcopal Church, at least the Parishes in which I’ve taken communion.

Were you at our parish?

We receive by intintction at my church, which is a Dominican community. I’ve seen folks put out their hands to receive only the Body though, it’s not a problem. Most folks kneel to recieve, but some will stand, and that’s not a problem. The only things I’ve not seen at my church are the use of extraordinary ministers, and folks receiving the Blood alone. If one were to ask for the Blood alone though, I sincerely believe they would be graciously obliged. I love receiving by initinction, and I absolutely adore the Dominican brothers at my parish. May God bless all our Holy priests!

A bit off the subject but how is the traditional movement growing in compared to the modern movement down in Steubenville?
(I want to see if I heard correctly)

I will PM to protect the innocent…


Yep :smiley:
About once a month.


Who’s responsible for putting your bumper stickers in our vestibule? I picked one up last night after choir practice.

Now, back to the topic… in one Episcopal church, we received by self-intinction, and in another, we received the bread and wine separately. We also spent time in a Lutheran (LCMS) church, and received separately there, as well.

I love how we receive by intinction at SS C&M. It seems like that’s the way it should be done, but that’s just my opinion. I like that we don’t have armies of EMHC’s running around.

Not sure what vestibule you are refering to. Can you please PM me?

EDIT - I get it, you go to the same parish as nettlesmom! :rolleyes: I’m not sure actually, we all go there for mass every so often, so it could be anyone on the staff. I do know that we have permission to put our items in the vestibule though.


Sorry… just PMed you!

I like the idea of intinction. However I think that it prevents people who have alcohol allergies from receiving (I know several).

Why would it prevent anyone from receiving? All you would have to do is tell the Priest and he won’t dip the Host. Simple

Please remember that it is NOT REQUIRED that you receive under both species at any time.

I personally think that if you are going to receive under both species that intinction is definitely the way to go:thumbsup:

Intinction would be nice…but the majority(at least 75%) of EMHC’s are women, do you believe they would surrender this function :rolleyes: ?

I don’t see it happening…


I’ve received the Eucharist by intinction only at an Anglican-use parish I’ve visited in Houston. None of the parishes I’ve been a member of have ever used it. I love it. Some reasons why:

  1. It has to be received on the tongue, which is more reverent, thus eliminating the possibility of Communion in the hand and greatly reducing the possibility of desecration

  2. It’s much less labor-intensive – no need for armies of EMHC’s at the altar with separate chalices, etc. and the laundry afterwards of dozens of purificators as well as need for fewer chalices and bowls

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