"Into Great Silence"


Has anyone seen this documentary movie? :slight_smile: Is it good? If you’ve seen it… may I ask where? Is it available in video rental stores, lol… or do you have to order it, etc?

I just think it would be an interesting movie to see…

thanks :slight_smile:


I watched in on EWTN. I searched and found this, when I clicked on it, it opened for download. It may be just a preview, I really don’t know.

[XLS] July Advance

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134, Sun 10/26/08, 9:00 PM, INTO GREAT SILENCE, 3:00, Step into the riveting silence of Philip Groning’s stunning new documentary on the spirituality of

The New York Times gives a pretty good review.

It looks like you can get it here

I liked it all, but I really enjoyed their getting out and sking, it was rather funny, they reminded me of little kids getting outside playing in the snow. I think it showed how even through our work and suffereing we are called to see God’s beauty abounding around us - and enjoy it too.


I have this video. I have watched it numerous times. It actually helps me pray and meditate as I watch it. I think during the entire film there are fewer than a dozen lines of dialog past the initial introduction.

The first viewing is informational. After that, it is meditative. I actually use this film as part of my E5 meditation the first Wednesday of each month.


I saw it in a dark, nearly empty theatre. It was absolutely magical in that setting. I don’t think it would be quite as effective seeing it at home, especially in the daylight. So if you want to see it, find a dark, quiet time and watch without interruptions. It’s like a short retreat. You can hear snow fall.



I saw it on EWTN. I would love to see it again, as I think it is a documentary that you would pick up something new each time you saw it, and give you something to think about. The silence spoke loudly, if you know what I mean.


It’s gorgeous - highly recommended. I don’t know how easy it would be to obtain a video or DVD though.


I’ve seen it on Amazon. No problem.



I saw it in the theater and it was wonderful in the dark and on a large screen. It was like a short retreat or reflection time. If you’re watching it at home I would definitely plan to set aside the time to watch it in one sitting so you don’t break the flow.


Hi Monica :wave: Yep, I have it too! I got mine through Ignatius Press. I have watched it several times and have found it to be almost a contemplation. It’s unlike anything else you will see… on TV, or dvd.

There is even a special “extended” version of the monks nighttime prayer… complete with chanting and readings. It’s absolutely sublime (in my humble opinion).

It’s a very peaceful, “settling” experience. Not only for the prayer lives of the monks, but also for the surrounding scenery. I wish that there was a similar one… of the lives of a community of cloistered sisters. Which I’m sure would be especially beneficial to us ladies!

Hope you get “Into Great Silence”. It’s well worth the cost. God bless.


My RCIA teacher was one who brought this film up during class. We always had a Catholic movie of the week. I saw this film on Netflix, and was able to watch it on-line. I entered into the church this Easter, and this film had a profound impact on my journey. The way the film is shot and produced is amazing, and it took a long time to complete. I think about this film a lot and how I wish that I could be as devout and peaceful as these monks. I know that Netflix does a free trial, go get the film. It is long but worth every second. God Bless


It is a wonderful documentary. My dh & I truly enjoyed it. It will be shown again on EWTN this summer, June or July. Does your Church have the EWTN schedules available? If not, maybe you can be a Media Missionary for your parish and get schedules to put in your pamphlet rack.



thanks!! :slight_smile: I think I’ll order it from chapters.com :slight_smile: I want to see this movie… it sounds really good!


there are Carthusian nuns!


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