Intolerance grows in the Maldives

Intolerance grows in the Maldives

																		Monuments donated by Pakistan and Sri Lanka were vandalized last week in the  																			Maldives as they were seen to be "idolatrous" and "irreligious". The incident  																			points to growing religious intolerance in the Islamic island nation in the  																			Indian Ocean and a threat to its young democracy.

If Islam can’t show tolerance to its own kind, it’s big trouble for the rest of us, kaffir.

It is no different here in Malaysia.:frowning:

The mooslim fanatics’ blood will boil the moment anyone mentions Jesus Christ. They will do what they think is right, even breaking civil laws, quoting syariah law that it is ok to kill “in the name of Hallah…” and have no regrets over anything. the Christians cannot use the word hALLAH in their Bible (in Malay) which is hundreds of years old
They have already burnt some Churches a few years ago.:mad:
Schools that were set up by the Christian missionaries(year 1700) way before Malaysia (year 1963) was even born, were taken over and had all crucifixes and religious signs torn down.:eek:

Recently they accused Christians of converting mooslims (by the thousands per year!) by using high tech-solar powered robots which can read the entire Bible in a jiff.!!!:confused:

Our so called law even prohibits/limit building of new Churches. Even if they ever do, it has to be built in a converted first floor shop lot, a factory building or in an out of place swamp land/ landfill. Whereas their mosgue are built with publicly taxed funds which we pay.

Over here, everyone can visit a Church, temple or a shrine. Mosques do NOT allow non- mooslims to enter.

Mooslim is a faith/religon
Malay is a race.

ALL Malays born in Malaysia are automatically a Muslim.
They do NOT have a choice to choose their religon.
Malays born in Indonesia can have a choice of faith.

Anyone who marries a mooslim (man or lady) must be converted to a mooslim.
No buts.
Death is the word if one wants to renounce isklam.

All this are true? just Google it to find out. Go to 'Malaysia Today" to see what the free media says but watch out for the main media such as the newspapers which are controlled by the mooslims and their croonies.

This is Malaysia.:smiley: Truly Asia.:smiley:

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