Intra-Christian dialogue?

Not long ago I started a thread to learn whether people thought that CAF should crack-down on intra-Christian discussions taking place in the Non-Catholic Relgions forum.

Responses varied (naturally) but one particular idea that came up a number of times was that such a crack-down wouldn’t really make sense since CAF doesn’t have a forum dedicated to intra-Christian dialogue (or variations of that idea).

Hence, I thought it might be interesting to have a thread specifically to hear posters’ feelings regarding the lack of such a forum …


Not to unduly influence people’s responses, but I’d like to mention that it actually isn’t uncommon for a Catholic discussion forum to not have a sub-forum for intra-Christian dialogue. For example, Fish Eaters Traditional Catholic Forum doesn’t have one either. Looking down their list of sub-forums, the closest thing I could find was the forum titled “Judaism, Zionism, Other Religions, Cults & Spiritual Movements” (emphasis added).

That’s what NCR is for. Intra-religious discussions.

**What does NCR stand for? Before starting intra-christian dialogue, the catholics will have to define who is a christian and who is not a christian. I mean they will have to admit or exclude the mormons and JW’s and Bahai’s from the fold of christians. There may be many other such groups (sects) who may never be included amongst christians. And there will be many alongwith the Protestants who may be fit to be considered christians.

I feel that the problem will never be solved because I heard that the protestants have nearly 30,000 sects (or kinds of Protestors). Let us see how this mission of inter-christian discussion can be achieved.

That section should be only for the pure christians. No outsider should interfere. But all faiths may be able to read the posts. Let us hope it would bring the different christians united under one banner.

Not trying to put words in your mouth … but I’m wondering did you mean “inter-religious discussions”?

The poster said inter-religous and NOT inter-Christian. Read what the poster said not what you presume they are saying in order for you to hijack the thread yet again.

Eucharisted said “intra-religious”, but I’m guessing that he/she meant to say “inter-religious”.

Something I hadn’t really thought about (although, now that I am thinking about it, it seems so obvious) is that the Non-Catholic Religions forum isn’t just for Catholics to dialogue with other religions. As the moderator Rachel Malloy recently said, “A Methodist is as free to discuss religious philosophy with a Muslim as a Catholic is.”

Too true. :slight_smile:

I am new to the forum and somewhat lost following this discussion. I guess I assumed that the Non-Catholic Religions forum would incorporate intra-Christian discussion. I have noted several threads there in which members of other faiths participated. Are you suggesting that there be a separate forum for dialogue between and about various Christian faiths? It appears to me that is already occurring, but perhaps not all in one place. If that is the direction you are going, I would be in favor.

Peter I am tired so I may have misread your thread but if what you are suggesting is the creation of a new thread for Christians (Protestants and Catholics) to have dialog I am all for it. I don’t care much to talk about faiths outside of Christianity. I continue on CAF for two reasons mainly 1) to better understand my faith and 2) to better understand the rest of Christendom.

God bless

Hi chaunceygardner. I’d say it hinges on your notion of what it means to speak of “other religions”. If you believe that Catholicism and Protestantism are two different religions (as do many Evangelical and Fundamentalist Protestants) then I completely respect your opinion; but personally I firmly believe that Christianity is one religion. Hence “other religions” to me means Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.

There are a lot of arguments for and against having a “Non-Catholic Christians Forum”. For myself, ultimately, I’ve decided that I’m glad we don’t have one. It just seems more appropriate to target (for lack of a better word) members of other religions, rather than our brethren who already adhere to the same religion that we do (Christianity).

I see. You and I are looking at the creation of a Non-Catholic Christian Forum in two different lights. Although, undoubtedly, there would be threads in which Catholics and in which Protestants were targeted by the other, I was hoping it would be more of a place where Christians could have good dialog without having to wade through threads like, ‘What is wrong with Black Magic’ and *‘Islam just wants to be your friend’ *. :smiley:

I agree with you; Catholics and Protestants do affirm the same religion and we are brothers and sisters in Christ. There are however those, like myself, who are generally interested in what the rest of Christendom believes and why. I would think in this light a non-Catholic Christian forum would be beneficial.

God bless you

I agree with planten on this, although not with the same conclusion. To try to categorize those religions that may or may not be Christian would cause more hostility.

There’s nothing wrong with this forum exactly the way it is. Why do you have a problem with it?

Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday, Roman_Catholic.

The interesting things is that there actually are forums (not one, but many) for intra-Christian dialogue, but a lot of Protestant posters seem to have the idea that dialogue with Catholics doesn’t really count unless it takes place on the Catholic Answers Forums.

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