Intro to Logic?

Can anyone recommend a good Intro to Logic book? I am looking for something a senior in high school could use.

What do you mean? Elaborate, please.

I’ll try. Have you ever taken a logic course in high school or college? What book(s) did you use? What did you think of the book(s)? Were the books user friendly, clear, easy enough for a 17-18 year old student to understand? I have several introduction to philosophy books. They cover history, metaphysics, epistomology, but they skip logic for the most part. So I am looking for a good introduction to logic book. I have done web searches and found several but I would rather not buy something without getting some feedback from philosophy students, teachers, lovers…etc.

I think that Quine wrote a good intro to logic book. Here is a pretty helpful site I would recomend a good dictionary of philosophy too, it will be able to shed light on the more complex issues and words. I am sure if you go to your local bookstore you could thimb through them. Logic can be, is, a complicated thing, elementery logic is the type of book you want not symbolic logic or any wierd type of logic. Look for elementery or beggining logic.

Being Logical - D.Q. McInerny

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