Introducing friend to Catholicism


I have recently struck up a friendship with a childhood friend from my past's older brother. I told him I was Catholic when we were discussing religion and he was interested in learning more about our faith. The problem is I am still fairly new to Catholicism (I did RCIA last year) so does anyone have any good dvd recommendations to explain to him why we do what we do and believe what we believe so to speak?


Probably your best explanation will be simply your own belief and enthusiasm for the faith. What drew you to the Church? What brings you joy as a new Catholic? Let him know that you're not an expert -- yet! -- but that if he has questions you will try to get answers for him.


I think it depends on what background your friend is coming from? What are his/her questions? What inspires him/her the most? It is most important to meet people where they are at not where you want them to be.


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