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I have been active here since February. I have not introduced myself, so here goes…

I am a proud Catholic, born and raised in New Zealand :grinning:. I am also of proud English ancestry.

I am a teenager in an increasingly secular country. I am an altar server and attend school. I love our Church, in fact, it is everything to me. Apart from the occasional soap opera or detective series or book about British history, I only ever research the faith. I am so passionate about my Catholic faith. It truly is all that I ever want to know about as it is so amazing.

I love a reverent Ordinary Form of the Mass, preferably with some Latin.

My ordinary is a Cardinal (not to boast) :smiley:.

My favourite Bible is the Douay-Westminster Bible (NT in the unknown Westminster translation and OT in the Douay-Rheims) and the New Living Translation Catholic Edition.

I am so proud of our Church. It is so holy. Our unity is amazing.

I am sure I have built up a reputation on the forum by now, hopefully not one that is too bad :stuck_out_tongue:.

I feel we need to be kinder to each other, as empathy is often lacking (myself included). At least we are all Catholic! :smile:

Thank you and God Bless!


Thanks for the introduction ,and your posts :slight_smile:
We’re neighbours,I’m just over the water in the land of Oz.

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Very good. I enjoyed Sydney when I went in 2013. I went to Europe 6 months ago, so I would of thought I could have crossed the ditch more than once!

I heard that Anglicans in Sydney are peculiar but that the Catholic Church is quite as it is here :smile:.

God Bless Australia and Scott Morrison.

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Hello and welcome. We’ve been through New Zealand once several years ago. Our son was studying abroad at the Union Wollongong. Both of the big islands are beautiful.

Hello there! Always glad to welcome a kiwi! I have a map of New Zealand, because the NZ government was kind enough to send me one. I am American (I’d say most of the active people here are, but there are more than a few that aren’t), and I love being Catholic! Welcome!

A pleasure to meet you! :clinking_glasses:


Thank you for your messages.

Let us rejoice in the message of the Resurrected Lord!

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Hi … Delighted to hear about your church and country. I grew up in New York. Cradle Catholic and there are some folks here who are not Catholic and are welcome to be in this forum. God bless you and may you work hard to stay faithful to Jesus and his Church. :pray:


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