Introductory books?


Anybody know any good introductory books to the New Testament? Something along the lines of Raymond Brown’s An Introduction to the New Testament, but shorter :D.


Inside the Bible by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S. J.

It is a brief intro to all 73 books. Very helpful, I have found.


Sacra Pagina?


New Testament Basics for Catholics by Dr. John Bergsma


You’re asking a tough question. Pope Benedict XVI’s three volumes of Jesus of Nazareth would be an excellent introduction, focusing on Jesus.


If you read Latin or Greek then St Athanasius wrote a great Synopsis of the Bible. I am adding annotations to the Holy Orthodox Bible translated by Peter Papoutsis and I am using Athanasius’ synopses for each book as prefaces before each Bible book. The synopsis has not been translated into English yet but I am having them translated as I go in my project.


Thanks for the suggestion. I really think Pope (now emeritus) Benedict XVI is the most underrated scholar, theologian, and pastoral (ist?) of our modern era, his works are truly wonderful for the Catholic Faith. We have been truly blessed by him.


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