Introit - sequence of items

Our cantor is sick! Tomorrow we wish to have the antiphon, Gloria, etc. said during the procession of crucifer, servers, ministers, and priest.

What is the sequence? It should also include the Kyrie.

#1 - the Gloria isn’t sung during Lent

#2 - the procession is not really part of Mass. Mass begins with the Greeting after the priest celebrant reaches the altar. Any part of the Mass itself can’t be conducted during the procession.

Like the above poster said, you cannot have the Gloria sung on Sundays of Lent. You may have the introit sung while the ministers are processing, and you can have the Kyrie sung before the opening prayer.

You may not have the introit, Gloria (even though you’re not supposed to have it sung in Lent anyways) or Kyrie sung/said all when the ministers are processing. Each has its designated slot.

The introit is meant to be an entrance antiphon and certainly may be sung while the ministers are processing. That is what is done at the Pope’s Christmas Eve Mass–the procession comes in while the introit Dominus Dixit is sung.

Many thanks to you all.

I’m aware that Gloria is not sung/said. What I was curious about is this:

?sequence of chant: antiphon, Glory Be, Kyrie-Christe-Kyrie, antiphon.

Is this correct?

Are you by any chance talking about an EF Mass?

Dear Forum Friends,

I tackled my problem directly! I told Fr. when he arrived this a.m., that the antiphon would be “read” from the ambo for the procession. [Period!]

As I have a wee bit of a cold today, I could not sing myself, so there you are!!! The Liturgy of the Word, ushers, greeters and appropriate ministries were done by our 2 - 4th grade CCD children today.

Thanks for your prompt responses. I hope my Mary “Canary” is well enought next Sunday to cantor! [That’s the other Mary …]

Mary Carolyn

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