Intrusion Suspect Meets Armed Homeowner, Gets Shot Multiple Times

Intrusion Suspect Meets Armed Homeowner, Gets Shot Multiple Times

AWR Hawkins 9 Mar 2019 Breitbart News

. . . Fox 5 reported that the incident occurred in Atlanta, where a returning homeowner was greeted by an intrusion suspect. The homeowner opened fire on the intruder, shooting him multiple times in the leg. . . .

. . . The suspect was arrested. Fox 5 reported that he was already facing “criminal trespass” charges from allegedly entering another home three weeks ago. . . .

Another defensive gun usage.

This defensive gun usage will get wastebasketed
into “gun violence” “stats”.
And then these “statistics” will be perverted by some of the leftists to show “scientific statistics” of gun violence
that wrongly conclude
that law-abiding citizens should be disarmed.

They will base their conclusions upon these phony “statistics” that are littered with partial truths.

And they HAVE TO do this sort of thing.


Because their bad ideas cannot stand up to open and honest scrutiny.
And deep down inside, they know it.

(But the ends justify the means in their minds.)

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No more wrongly concluded than when a mass murderer is himself/herself shot and counted in the “stats.”

ProVobis . . .

No more wrongly concluded than when a mass murderer is himself/herself shot and counted in the “stats.”

If you really believe that ProVobis, the next time someone parades out gun violence “statistics”, sort out and separate police shootings, defensive gun usages, suicides, accidents, and gang violence.

Then show THOSE statistics.

Contrast them with the law-abiding citizens or at least people who WERE law-abiding beforehand regarding that given incident.

I’m OK with that.

What I am not OK with is for people to conflate such occurrences, and pretend they are a reflection of America turning into the Wild Wild West courtesy of law abiding citizens and the NRA.

THAT is dishonest.

(I won’t be holding my breath believing that the gun grabbers will do this anytime soon.

. . . I couldn’t even get them to honestly admit here on CAF that Emma Gonzales of Parland fame, was wrong when she said something to the effect of . . .that it was easier for her to get AUTOMATIC firearms, then to plan a party with her friends on Friday night. NOT ONE leftist would admit even THAT simple fact that she was wrong. NOT. ONE.)

This from me from another thread (here it is) . . .

I asked you guys to look at Emma Gonzales talk. I asked you guys to at least ADMIT, that her point about the automatic weapons was WRONG (there were other factual errors too. I just used this for starters.)

NOT ONE of you guys stepped up to the plate. NOT ONE (that I saw anyway).

You could have said . . . . “You know, Cathoholic is right. Gonzales was certainly factually WRONG about being able to get automatic weapons being easier to make weekend plans with her friends.”

But you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t even admit an error so STARK as THAT as wrong.

You people have LOST any credibility in the Second Amendment debate because of a pattern of this type of shenanigans. . . .

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For the readers here.

Just LOOK at the type of security Mark Zuckerberg has for HIMSELF.

. . . Zuckerberg takes extreme precautions protecting himself and his family. He has armed officers on constant guard outside of his gated Bay Area homes . . .

(Nothing wrong with it by the way.)

Does ANYONE here, expect people like Kamala Harris to be outcrying over THIS fire arm protection not to mention “the wall”??

NO! Of course not.

When Kamala Harris is calling for gun control, there is an implicit exemption for HERSELF and armed guards for HERSELF, and society movers and shakers like Mark Zuckerberg.

I have no issue with Harris WANTING GUNS to protect HER (via her security staff at events, in the Senate building, and now she may even have CIA assigned to her because she is a presidential candidate for all I know).

I have no issue with Mr. Zuckerberg doing the same.

I have a big issue with people like Harris and some even who should know better, attempting to REMOVE those protections for others who are not “chosen” in their elitist worldviews.

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