Intuit’s TurboTax printing fees raise users’ ire

Intuit’s latest TurboTax has only been on the market since Nov. 28, but it has been a rough go for users who are screaming over extra fees.
Here’s what’s drawing fire:
*]Intuit included e-file services for free, but raised its price from a year ago. Not everyone will use e-file, but you can argue this move makes some sense.
*]Intuit is charging a fee of $9.95 per return, which covers preparation, e-filing and printing, according to a spokeswoman who also noted that Intuit has a moneyback guarantee. The pricing aligns desktop and online TurboTax applications. TurboTax users are evenly split between desktop and online.
*]Bottom line: If you print an additional return–prep, print and e-file–it’ll cost you $9.95 a pop. The IRS allows you to file up to five federal returns. But since most folks aren’t going to file a federal return without a state version these fees can add up.
*]TurboTax has multiple flavors (and prices) that confuse users.[/LIST]

Looks like I may be changing Tax software this year.

I will also be looking for an alternative to Quicken when I get my new Mac next year

I’ve been using TaxCut for years no problems but I never pay to file except for a stamp. Of course I pay in I never get a refund.

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