Intuition and the Church


I am having a discussion with someone who is quite influenced by Eastern spirituality, and he claims that verses like “I shall write my words on their hearts” and “the true worshippers shall worship in spirit and truth” points to a time “when the relationship with God is not based on authority [the Church] but on personal experience” as he puts it.

Is this wrong and why? Scripture could be good :slight_smile:

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Kind of like saying that maths should be based on intuition rather than on what teacher says. A good pupil will be able to see the truth of what teacher says, - e to the PI i is -1. A more average one will remember it because teacher says so. Only a truly exceptional one would be able to work out the answer from first principles.
Similarly the Church doesn’t just invent the moral law. But most of us must simply accept what she says on authority, most of the time, and virtually all of us must accept this some of the time. We wouldn’t come to the right conclusion by ourselves.


It is both. Not one excluding the other.


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