Yesterday, while in the greeting card shop I was standing behind three very tall Black men
(I’m a short white woman) the men spoke English but with an African accent.
They were speaking softly to each other and laughing and suddenly I got this wierd feeling.
I got really scared, not OF them but FOR them. Like something was going to come along
and hurt them, when two of them saw me waiting they told me that only one of them was
in line so I lined up behind him.
I noticed that the man who was also waiting was buying twelve long white candles and
I asked him if he was getting ready for a wedding…he told me that his daughter had
died and he was getting ready for a funeral.
He introduced me to the other men, one was his uncle and the other was his brother. I shook their hands and I embraced the bereaved father and asked God to bless them.

As a rule I am not afraid of men, Black men, men with accents or tall men so I am
not misinterpreting my feelings here… And these
men did NOT frighten me for myself, it was definitely a fear FOR them.
Like I wanted to protect them from something bad happening…but something bad
had already happened and I think that I was picking up on that.

Please pray that the father and the uncles will find peace.

Adding my prayers for those men during their time of grief.

Dear Lord,

Comfort your children during this time of loss and mourning.

Psalms 30:5b Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

May your children, in their time of weeping, take comfort in the knowledge that there will be joy, the joy of reunion in your kingdom in the morning of life everlasting.


Thank you, Lizzie.
Maybe I needed to get that “sense” or whatever it was to bring these men to
this forum for prayer?
Or to let them know that other people ( me at the time, though I would have chosen
someone better…)
did care and did want to extend love and sympathy to them, though I was only a fellow
Your prayer has comforted me as well.

With my prayers also - Joe

We also pray that YOU will find peace, Tracyj.

Did you find out if they are Catholic or heretics? If they are heretics I would only pray that they convert.

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