Invading my MSN

I’m usually nice and give people the benefit of the doubt since once in a while someone I haven’t talked to in a while or a classmate not already on my aim/msn will ask to be added. Therefore I’ll usually just add everyone and block them later if necessary. Anyways, today someone added me on my msn and then when I asked who they were she responded asking a/s/l/ and then if I wanted to go to her cyber sex chatroom with all her naked photos and stuff and the describing herself. When I said I wasn’t interested for various reasons and my opinion of her doing this, she placed her photo on the msn to try and entice me. I then blocked her but the point is a lot of people, even good Catholics are going to think, what is the harm in just visiting her page or going to it just for fun to joke around since they didn’t initiate it or choose to start looking or even view an advertisement.

While I don’t approve of it, I accept the porn advertisements sent through e-mails or even through myspace since they are easily avoided. However, interfering with my instant messenger really upsets me and the worst is it probably is some teenager who might not even be 18 messing around on her computer and therefore setting herself up for some potential problems with people she doesn’t know.

I, for one, have no idea what you’re talking about. Mayber you should explain some of the strange terms you’re using…

Did they actually respond to anything you said to them? If not, it was probably not a real person talking to you, but an advertising robot sending that message to thousands of people.

This is worrying. The average teenage girl, even one not considered particularly attractive, is almost always capable of finding someone of their own age with whom to engage in sexual activity. Teenage girls know that they don’t need the internet for this kind of thing.

I have heard worrying stories of sex offenders (ie paedophiles) who pose as teenage girls in order to groom teenage boys to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. I would advise against any contact with this person whatsoever. Don’t even ask them to go away. Block them. Ignore them.

Yeah. Just ignore spam completely, especially if it’s porn.

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