Invalid absolution?

After my confession the priest, who is from a foreign country and has a thick accent, slurred the words of absolution together so that it sounded like, “I absolve your sins” instead of “I absolve you of your sins.” He used the typical formula for absolution so I assume his intent was there. But he said it so fast that he basically ran over a couple of the words. Valid?

Don’t be scrupulous. The priest knows what he is doing.

I don’t understand why you doubt the validity of your confession or how you would expect any of us here (who were not there) to know.

Because the words “I absolve you” are a necessary part if a valid absolution. He slurred through then, although I don’t think his intent was to omit them. So I’m wondering whether I should consider it valid or not.

given that you suffer from scrupulosity and this is not the first time you’ve posted about confession, doubt, mortal sin, etc, you need to be talking to your pastor about this, not random people on the internet.

You indicated you could not understand the priest due to his accent. Stop doubting him. He knows what he is doing.

And if you persist in your doubt, go talk to your pastor about it.

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