Invalid Baptism & the other Sacraments


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A great question from one of my kids…“If your baptism was invalid due to improper form and you went on to receive your other Sacraments without knowing that your Baptism was invalid, does this invalidate your other Sacraments?”

I would suspect that, of course, the Eucharist is still valid…BUT…what about reconciliation, confirmation, holy orders, marriage?

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Can.* 842 §1. A person who has not received baptism cannot be admitted validly to the other sacraments.

So, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Holy Orders and Anointing would not be valid.

The Eucharist itself would be validly confected, but not validly received (no sacramental graces).

Marriage would also not be valid (since no dispensation from disparity of cult was received) but could be sanated or convalidated. If entered into in good faith, it is termed a putative marriage.


Baptism is the gateway to the other sacraments. If you are not baptised you cannot receive any of the other sacraments.

Let's assume that somehow you were able to go through a confirmation even though never baptised. If this happened you would not be validly confirmed.

You cannot be confirmed, absolved from sin, be anointed, be ordained. You would not be able to receive holy communion.

You would not be bound by canonical form when it came to marriage. If you married a Catholic canonical form should be followed and your intended spouse would need dispensation from disparity of cult.


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