Invalid baptisms?

I have heard of some people recently learning that the formula of their baptism was incorrect (even though it occurred in the Church), so they needed to be baptized and receive the other sacraments again. This troubles me, as I am not sure if my own baptism was invalid. What exactly makes a baptism valid?

In my case it was a number of factors from the we baptize formula to the fact that two pastors did it, alternating pouring water over my head.

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This is becoming a “thing” now. A valid baptism is one done in the proper form and done with the proper matter. Being baptized in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit and with water.

Were you baptized in the Catholic Church by a priest? If so you should be fine. If you still question it, talk to the people who were there, like your parents and godparents.

If you were baptized in a Protestant Church and their baptism has been approved by the Catholic Church there should be no worries. Unless you have significant information that your baptism was done differently, please be at peace.

It is firm Catholic doctrine that sacraments require proper matter, form and intent to be valid, and Christ clearly provided the formula for baptism in scripture. Whether or not God chooses to make exceptions for human failings we cannot be certain. All we can do is what He has instructed us through the scriptures and the Church. Therefore, when we know it has been done wrong according to how we were instructed, we are obligated to correct it.


Apparently yes to some degree, because an invalid sacrament is retried: lex orandi, lex credendi.

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Bolding mine. Exactly, when it is known it was done wrong. Not when one speculates it may have been done wrong because it’s become a thing on the internet.

The formulas should be “I baptize you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” then there you should pour pure water on the head. No coca-cola, please. When babies were dying or in case of an urgency and necessity, anyone can baptize as long as we use the right formula and we have clean and pure water.

Yes. The Sacraments by definition are bound by form and matter: if either is lacking, the Sacrament is invalid. Can God work outside the Sacraments? Yes. But one, that wouldn’t be Sacramental, and two, the Sacraments are what they are: they can’t be something they’re not no more than a circle can be a square.

Everyone has a right to valid, licit Sacraments.

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Yikes! How did you find out? Was there a video recording?

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From my parents.

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