Invalid Confirmation

I didn’t receive my confirmation in a state of grace, and the catechism says that one needs to be. So, is it valid? Or do I need a conditional one? Can a normal priest do one?


You validly received the Sacrament. You will not get the graces, however, until you are in a state of grace.

the sacrament is valid because it depends on proper matter and form, in this case what the minister (the bishop or the priest he delegates) says and does, not on what you did or did not do. If one receives the sacrament while under mortal sin, he does not benefit from the graces of the sacrament until he confesses and is absolved. At that point the benefits and graces of the sacrament become available to him. So just go to confession.

Oh it’s not a matter of going to confession - I made my confirmation years ago and i’ve been to confession since then. but thank you for clarifying! is there a link to a source which verifies this?

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