Invalid marriage and proper address

Hello, to make a long story short, my friend (Catholic) married a non-Catholic Protestant outside of the Church about five years ago. They live in a different state than me, and I try my best to ray in contact and pray for them. I would like to write them a friendly letter, and I’m wondering the best way to go about it. Should I address them “Mr and Mrs Brown?” Or is this in a way promoting their invalid marriage? Please help, and also, please offer a small prayer for them. Thank you and God bless

I recommend praying for them, and addressing them as John and Mary Brown.
Or Mr and Mrs John Brown, if they are older than you.

Casting aspersions on their marriage via mail is not the best way to maintain a friendship. If the subject ever comes up when you are face to face, you could bring up your concerns.


They share the same last name legally right?

I really hope your letter has nothing to do with thier marriage.

How do you know their marriage is invalid? Maybe they got a dispensation, maybe they convalidated their marriage, or maybe they will convalidate it when the Spirit moves them, or maybe they won’t. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think the Good Lord is going to hold you accountable for it, so be charitable and address them as you would ordinarily address friends of yours who are married.

If the Catholic got a dispensation from the bishop, it would be acceptable for him or her to marry in a non-Catholic church.

If you are really that concerned about it, just address them as “John and Mary” (whatever their names are). Legally, however, I would assume they share the same last name, so there is nothing wrong with “Mr. and Mrs. Brown”. Calling them by their legal name isn’t going to promote a potentially invalid union (lots of assumptions in that).

Use their legal names. That is, if one spouse changed her name, us it.

Their marriage may or may not be valid in the eyes of the church, but it is legal. That makes them legally Mr and Mrs Brown.

End of story.

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