Sounds like it to me.

That is called a straw man.
That is, restatement of an opposing views that is actually inconsistent with what actually was said.
Most often, this is to “push over” the other view hoping no one will notice that the real position was misrepresented.

In this case, the statement was : " Mass is not to entertain. It is being at the foot of the cross, it is being at the Last Supper. Jesus is present at each Mass just as He was at the cross and at the Last Supper."

This in no way implies that it is wrong to enjoy.
In fact, most will tell you that being in the presence of God and receiving him in the most intimate of ways is joy…more joyful then anything else on Earth.

Yet you restated the position as “it’s wrong to enjoy a church service”

This is either an honest misunderstanding that has been clarified…or a dishonest debate tactic that does not withstand scrutiny.

I just wanted to clarify something. I’ve since learned from my pastor who also spoke to another pastor about YEC and the LCMS isn’t required to believe the earth is 6000 years old, after all. Ok, carry on.

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