Inverted Cross: Depends on users Intention?

I know about St. Peter and the Inverted Cross, but also its used to mean you-know-what. I don’t mean by pop-culture or hollywood movies that portray God and Devil, but in general, so the thing is this, Is it also what the intention of this inverted cross’s use?

The inverted cross is Papal, while the inverted crucifix is Satanic. That said, most people today don’t care to notice a difference in the meaning, instead ascribing Satanism to both.

Really? I didn’t know that. Interesting.

Or, at least, that’s how I interpret it. The inverted cross is certainly originally Papal. It’s a symbol of St. Peter being crucified upside down, because he did not believe himself worthy to die in the same way as Christ.

The inverted crucifix, on the other hand, is certainly Satanic. It’s a direct perversion of Christianity.

However, the lines have been blurred between them. For several possible reasons, the unadorned inverted cross is also perceived as Satanic in modern society. Again, I see several reasons this could be:

  • The cross is a more generally accepted symbol for Christianity, whereas the crucifix is more distinctly Catholic. So to a populus that may not be as accepting of a crucifix as a symbol for Christianity as a whole, an inverted cross is a bolder symbol.

  • It’s simpler. Which is completely understandable. We use unadorned crosses. So it could stand to reason that Satanists might also leave out the corpus to make designs simpler.

  • General laziness. Look at any of those conspiracy sites that claim Satanism has infiltrated the Vatican because there are Petrine crosses. Of course, there’s probably a bit of anti-Catholicism involved. But I feel like it’s also because people just don’t care to notice a difference between crosses and crucifixes. Think about it. The only time I’ve ever seen most people make distinctions are talking about Catholics using crucifixes, possibly with accusations of idolatry.

The inverted (unadorned) Cross is a symbol of Peter, and by extension, the Papacy. The symbol is featured in the Pope’s concrete president’s chair:

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