Inverted cross?

Once again on these forums, this time about something I have been wondering about these last few months.

Ever since I got into goth stuff about 1-2 years ago, I have been thinking about the idea of an inverted cross, and after reading more about it, I decided that I would one day buy an inverted cross necklace to wear.

Obviously since I still consider myself a Christian, I am not looking to offend anyone, hence the reason I am asking on this forum, because I am worried about offending my parents and their Catholic friends, as well as possibly offending my brother and his friends if I start going to the Catholic youth group which has recently started in my town(I actually did go for the second week of it, but stopped because I found it hard to get up early enough on Sundays).

Do you think my family and the churches in my area would have a problem with me wearing an inverted cross? Then again, since I rarely actually hang out in my town anymore, I would probably not have to worry too much about the people around town.

I honestly think people would probably have more of a problem with me wearing necklaces and chokers, with long hair, and possibly make up… Seems people already had a big enough problem with me wearing a “feminine” necklace(it was a necklace I got at a concert which said “priceless” on it, I mostly wore it since I was having self confidence issues and was struggling with self harm).

Edit: Forgot to add, if you wise peoples here think that it would be too risky to wear an inverted cross necklace, I will likely just go with some kind of crystal necklace since I have wanted one since I saw “Castle In The Sky” years ago.

The inverted Cross is a traditional symbol for St. Peter, who, according to tradition, was crucified upside-down. A Papal Chair prominently features an inverted Cross.

But few people know about Peter. The inverted Cross is widely viewed as a satanic symbol Whether it was also used within satanic cults seems to be open for debate, but whether it was or wasn’t, many people associate an inverted Cross with satanism.

If you wear an inverted Cross, know that many people will think you are anti-Christian and/or pro-satan. I can’t speculate if this might put you in actual danger, but I wouldn’t wear it to a job interview.

I don’t think you should as it would not send the right message, and would therefore be scandalous. St. Paul for example, forbid some Christians from eating certain meats since it would scandalize those who saw eating those meats as an act of idolatry, even though it wasn’t.

I think the more important issue for you is why you are attracted to the inverted cross? Do you actually associate it with St. Peter and want to lead that kind of sacrificial life? If so I would wear it and use it as an opportunity to share your faith. Or, do you just like the looks of it? Are you being attracted to it because it represents the Goth lifestyle, or are you actually being attracted to the Satanic aspect of it? Even if you still consider yourself a Christian and may start attending the Catholic youth group, the later two should cause you some concern. You may not be consciously thinking of the Satanic , but perhaps something about it does seem rebellious and “sexy”. That something could actually be cult like and dangerous. Im not that familiar with the Goth “lifestyle” but it appears there could also be a flirtation with the macabre and nefarious in your attraction to Goth. Nevertheless, if you just like the design of an inverted cross, then you really just need to consider the mindset of others who may see it. I think these are things you need to ask yourself first before you even consider what others may think about it. It sounds like you have a growing faith in God , and your interest is probably innocent. But if you havent thought about these questions, I would encourage you to consider them.

Actually, at first it was just for the look, but I also knew it was associated with satanic symbolism, so I chose not to wear it(back in 2013, was going to a pretty close minded Baptist youth group).

Then I think early this year I read what it actually meant, and now I feel it would be a better choice than a regular cross. But yeah, if I do feel that it would make people react negatively, or my parents won’t let me order one, I will likely just go back to a different necklace.

Also, I don’t think it has anything to do with an attraction to cult stuff. I actually did get into “magick” and blood letting a few years ago, and just felt super uncomfortable… Now I am pretty sure that I could never get involved with anything like that again.

If you want to wear another cross of humility, there’s always the St. Andrew’s Cross, which is shaped like an X. Peter and Andrew were brothers and they ended up with similar crucifixions - like the Lord’s but not quite.

A lot of the historical cross variants have very good symbolism behind them, too. For example, the 8 points of the Maltese Cross represent the 8 Beatitudes, and hence the aims of the Knights of Malta.

A crystal cross would also be very pretty and have strong symbolism. And I agree that Laputa is a great movie!

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