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Hi, this is a slightly odd question but any answers would be much appreciated;
I started to skateboard again recently after a few years, and I was going to go to my local indoor skatepark, but when I looked them up online, I found that their logo contains an inverted pentagram. The logo:

Now some may say I’m being scrupulous, but I’m not sure I would be comfortable being in a place where that is displayed all around.

Advice please. :slight_smile:


I think you’re being a little scrupulous. I don’t think a shape is intrinsically evil, even though it may be associated with occultism sometimes. Unless there is some other reason to suspect their motives besides it just being a good, action-oriented logo, I think you’re fine.

Have fun, and wear a helmet!



Knowing a thing or two about pentagrams…:smiley:

Given the angle of the “R” on the star, and the slight elongation of some of the star’s points, it strikes me that the artist went for a ‘shooting star’ effect, rather than an inverted anything. My two cents…


What you described as an inversion is, if we look at the whole figure, merely a slight (approximately 36 degree) rotation. The letter R and the star are rotated (tilted) by the same angle. The tilt, together with the style of the R, gives the impression of a skater launching upward from a ramp. I think it’s a pretty cool logo. Be at peace.


That is neither a Pentagram nor an inverted Pentagram.


Thanks for the replies.
On a second look and with your comments in mind I agree that it probably isn’t an inverted pentagram but just a star rotated slightly.
Considering how much satanic symbolism is used on skate clothing etc, and even mainstream clothing nowadays, you can’t blame me for being wary,



I suppose it is possible that the logo designer was familiar with satanic symbolism and intended to use an inverted star which bears some resemblance to an inverted pentagram, … but is that a problem for us?

I think not. We can draw a loose analogy to St. Paul’s teachings concerning the eating of meat sacrificed to idols (Romans 14:14-23, 1 Corinthians 8, 1 Corinthians 10:25-31). Applying that teaching to the current question, I would say that going to the Rosy Skate Park would not be harmful to a person who puts his faith in God. The logo itself is not evil and cannot release demons, evil spells, or black magic. The only problem would be for those whose faith is weak and who believe that the logo has evil power. If they think you are yielding to the devil or increasing his power by visiting the skate park, it may encourage their interest in satanism.

If Christians in your community are anxious about the symbolism, or if there are satanists who really believe the logo is a symbol of evil, you could either refrain from going to the skate park or tell them all that you put your faith in God and go to the skate park anyway. I would go. Who knows? Maybe I could spread the Gospel there!


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