Investigation: Surrogate baby delivered every 48 hours

London Evening Standard:

Investigation: Surrogate baby delivered every 48 hours

An Evening Standard investigation today exposes the boom in Indian surrogate babies for childless Western couples.

One leading obstetrician at a Mumbai hospital says she delivers on average one baby to a British couple every 48 hours.
One London couple who have taken advantage of India’s “baby factories” told the Standard of their joy at having twins.

Louis and Freya are the genetic offspring of Chris and Susan Morrison but were carried in the womb of a Gujarati woman who was paid £8,000.
The case will inevitably raise questions over the relative ease with which childless couples can go to India to have surrogate babies — and could also put pressure on British authorities to relax laws which outlaw commercial surrogacy. Today’s case also raises the prospect of wealthy women, who do not wish to go through the inconvenience or pain of childbirth, travelling to India to have their eggs implanted in the wombs of Indian women.

Dr Anita Soni, a leading obstetrician and gynaecologist working at one of Mumbai’s top hospitals, said: “I deliver babies from Indian women for British couples at the rate of more than 15 a month.”

Dr Soni added: “For these surrogate mothers that amount of money is life-changing. It helps them set up a home, get their daughters married or something like that. There is absolutely no exploitation of these women. It is really big money. It is a jackpot.
“They go through a little bit of emotional trauma, but then they go back home and they realise they have done it for a good cause. I help more white couples than Indians, who are still sceptical about things. English couples come here much more in numbers.”

This is just so wrong and so sad. The article refers to infertile couples but, hey, why not just rent a womb to avoid stretch marks and labor?

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