I’m looking to diversify some investments that I have. Currently, all of my investments are screened for being in conformity with the Catholic faith, meaning the funds I contribute to do not invest in companies that support abortion, euthanasia, contraception, donate to Planned Parenthood, etc. But, I’m not super pleased with some of the returns I’m seeing on these investments, and I want to be responsible and a good steward. I’m thinking of investing in some mutual funds that I know invest in companies, particularly pharmaceutical companies, that manufacture drugs inconsistent with Catholic morality. Certainly, my investing in these funds would be at least material cooperation in evil, but it seems to me that I have a just cause in doing so–namely, being a good steward in preparing for my own retirement. Does anyone with a background in moral theology have a thought on this? Personally, I have a background in moral theology (10 graduate level credits), but I would not consider myself an expert. So, I’m looking for some expert advice here, and perhaps a second opinion. Thanks!


Do these companies do the acts themselves based on the funding you grant them through investment? Do they have other sources of income which go to fund these acts? Or do they only make donations to such companies that actually do the acts? Or do they even only “support” such acts?

What is the proportion between the harm possibly done and the good possibly done in your estimation of your specific case?

Are there other companies just as lucrative which do not support such things?

Is there any realistic risk of scandal?


I can’t (and wouldn’t) say whether or not you should invest in these companies, but the way you’ve stated it here, you’re putting your own material desires ahead of any possible evil that you may be contributing to.






I agree with seagal, I won’t say whether or not you should invest in those companies, but I will add that the Lord is not poor, and He knows how much you need for retirement, if anything (cf Luke 12:20)!

I am saving aggressively for retirement and have been since as soon as I started working, but if it is all lost or it doesn’t quite get to where I need it and I have to struggle in retirement, or work for the rest of my life, I trust that it is His plan and that any suffering I undergo will be to the betterment of my soul. :slight_smile:


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