Invitation- A Great Opportunity to Help Others

  • I apologize if this doesn’t belong in this Forum. I received the following email from “The Little Sisters of the Poor”

To All of Our Friends…

We Little Sisters of the Poor wanted to share with you some information about a great opportunity to help worthy causes by donating a used textbook that you no longer need. The founders of this wonderful organization, “Compassion by the Book”, are personally known to us. They have been able to give very large donations to Haiti and other causes through the generosity of people who are willing to donate an old textbook or two. They are planning to help us Little Sisters of the Poor also in supporting some of our newest efforts on behalf to the elderly poor.

Would you kindly help spread the word about this opportunity, and encourage students you know to consider donating a textbook? The website for this organization is The organizers of this wonderful endeavor have told us that they will be very happy to talk with anyone who has questions. They can be reached at (720) 432-2282 or

Thank you for whatever you can do to support this worthy project. God bless you!

Sr. Carolyn, lsp

Denver, CO




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